Frame Works? The Doctor Is In!

Description:  Office front, Little Five Points, Atlanta

Background: I have passed by this office many times on my way to Zesto’s, Atlanta’s answer to Dairy Queen. Each time, I smile. There is something about the list of practices that strikes me as incongruent. I cannot explain why. Maybe it’s the fact that no matter what ails you, it can be fixed in one place–a one-stop solution to a type of “mind-body” problem.

On this particular day, I was testing my new Minolta Freedom 160 and thought I would share the image with ESF readers. The Freedom 160 is a little powerhouse of a camera, with three autofocus modes and 125 segment metering. It seems to handle everything I throw at it—even scenes with significant backlighting. 

Technical: Minolta Freedom Zoom 160 Date, Kodak UltraMax 400, auto exposure. Home developed and scanned.

Frame Works?: I like this image, although it is not technically a great image by any means. There is plenty of dust and lint on the image  because when it was about three-quarters dry, I dropped the negative on the floor. Additional washing helped, but not enough. Technical considerations aside, it captures what I intended. 

Commentary: I have no additional comments. What is your reaction (if any) to this sign? 


  1. I would have to ask, “is this four doctors with different specialties or one guy trying to do it all”? A very strange mix.

    1. Author

      I’ve often wondered how this odd grouping came to be…

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