Mid-April seems to be the best time to plant–earlier, and frost is still possible, much later, and there is a chance the rains will stop. It could easily be 95 or hotter by the first weekend in May, which would fry tender, young plants. Some plants are real troopers. AngeloniasContinue Reading

It has taken three years—THREE YEARS!  After waiting, not so patiently, for three years, I finally managed to get a shot of a goldfinch munching away on coneflowers seeds.   Goldfinches are tiny birds, maybe three inches from beak to tail.  They are also very skittish.  Sometimes they come inContinue Reading

Every January, I have had to get my Georgia license plates renewed.  It has been an annual ritual that ticks off a year of living.  An emission inspection is part of that process.  This year, my car failed.  That failure was not altogether unexpected, as my car is (was) aContinue Reading

As a Minolta fan, it is always heartwarming to read about the former days.  Whether those days include innovations and breakthroughs or missteps and dead-ends, the stories are compelling.  Unfortunately, many of these tidbits are found in old magazines and forums but rarely in some organized collection.  Most books aboutContinue Reading

Back in the days when Tower Records was the place to shop for music, I used to spend at least two afternoons each month browsing the jazz section for new releases. I had long since learned that jazz critics and I did not hear the same thing on recordings, so reading magazinesContinue Reading