Pass by the garden in midsummer and you notice a five foot high wall of green topped by deep purple flowers— “black and blue salvia.”    I chose this plant because it is known to attract pollinators.   What an understatement! From early morning until dusk, a cloud of beesContinue Reading

After buying my Pentax 645, the first lens I purchased was the 120mm f4 macro, which I intended for studio work. But soon, the desire to go outside took over. For over a year, I would pour over lens listings, develop a wishlist, consider the prices, then delete the wishlist.Continue Reading

Who knows why some posts are wildly popular while others are not? I certainly can’t predict. I’ve tried to look for commonalities, but nothing jumps out. For those just finding my blog, here are the posts that have drawn the most views from Gardening Journey, Photography Journey, Amidst the Flowers,Continue Reading

I was surprised to see the shop in this picture. I didn’t think small, neighborhood butcher shops still existed.   I lived in Baltimore for four years in the mid-1980s—it was not by choice. Baltimore never felt like home; it was never comfortable for me. Despite that, Baltimore introduced me toContinue Reading

Pincushion flowers found their way into the yard by way of a chance encounter at the Grower’s Outlet in Snellville, Georgia. Wandering through the maze of tables covered with plants, I spotted the lavender blooms and immediately knew they had to come home with me. The first group of fiveContinue Reading

Description: Midtown skyline looking westward over Piedmont Park Background: Atlanta’s skyline is constantly growing and shifting. Ten years ago, only half as many buildings were present in Midtown. I marvel at how Atlanta has grown. At one time, Midtown’s growth consisted mainly of office towers. Now, living spaces are taking over theContinue Reading