The Society Garlic has never had a fair chance. I planted it in July 2022, too late for Atlanta, but it seemed to hold on over the summer, which had more frequent rains than usual. It faded in the fall, but I had expected as much. However, the polar vortexContinue Reading

Well, gardening season is at hand, and I’m more excited about this season than I have been in a while. I miss playing in the dirt, and all signs indicate I’ll be pulling weeds before long. When brown descends across the yard every winter, anxious waiting takes hold, and thereContinue Reading

Geraniums add a splash of color and a dash of understated charm each summer. I usually put two colors together, one pink and one deep magenta. Typically, sweet potato vine or creeping Jenny adds a bright green counterpoint, while a purple flower, like alyssum, adds a final accent—none of theseContinue Reading

These images were taken on October 24 as the gardening season draws to a close. Frost usually occurs within the first few weeks of November, so bloom time is ending. I’ve done no deadheading, pruning, or watering this season; still, there are late-season blossoms. Black-eyed Susans are usually gone byContinue Reading

I’ve watched our gardenia slowly regain its deep green color after being brown for months. Since the first wisp of emerald, I have inspected it, hoping for blossoms. We’ve had less rain than usual, and I have not watered once this year, so I never expected the hoped-for flowers untilContinue Reading

For nine years, each season has brought a fragrant outburst of gardenia flowers.  Each year there would be maybe 50-60 blooms each season. Then one year, I noticed it was infested, which I treated in the off-season.   The next year, and in years since, it produced hundreds of blossomsContinue Reading

Every spring, I try to get fresh images of the first blooms. Usually, this happens in early April, and this year was no different. The woodland phlox kicked things off and was soon followed by the Catmint and Gerber daisies. The azaleas, usually loaded with blooms, were more subdued thisContinue Reading