Pincushion flowers found their way into the yard by way of a chance encounter at the Grower’s Outlet in Snellville, Georgia. Wandering through the maze of tables covered with plants, I spotted the lavender blooms and immediately knew they had to come home with me. The first group of fiveContinue Reading

Mid-April seems to be the best time to plant–earlier, and frost is still possible, much later, and there is a chance the rains will stop. It could easily be 95 or hotter by the first weekend in May, which would fry tender, young plants. Some plants are real troopers. AngeloniasContinue Reading

It has taken three years—THREE YEARS!  After waiting, not so patiently, for three years, I finally managed to get a shot of a goldfinch munching away on coneflowers seeds.   Goldfinches are tiny birds, maybe three inches from beak to tail.  They are also very skittish.  Sometimes they come inContinue Reading

This is now my ninth garden season, which is hard to believe.  It has been the most challenging thus far because of the health woes mentioned in an earlier post.  In early April, I spent a lot of money on plants, mulch, and manure, and I found myself unable toContinue Reading

Description:  Red camellias blooming in mid-February Background:  Before moving to Georgia, I cannot recall ever seeing camellias. I was invited to a party at a colleague’s house the first December after moving south from Washington, DC. Winters for me started in November and lasted until April and always brought grayness and ice.Continue Reading

Gardening makes one pay close attention to the weather.  I keep a rain gauge and check the levels after each rain, then average those values over the week to determine whether I need to water.  I never imagined caring that much about rainfall.  Weather changes receive the same attention.  IContinue Reading

Every winter, I look back over flower season to rue mistakes and cheer successes. This year has been a mixture of both. Since 2014, the first season, I have documented the garden—first with an iPhone 4s, and now with an iPhone 8 and Minolta Maxxum 7D. Documenting is a separateContinue Reading