Posh folks use “winter” as a verb, as in “We wintered in Palm Springs.”  Although my unplanted sweet potato vines and geraniums do not count as posh items, I didn’t want to see them die, having never been properly seated in pots.  I bought them along with 30 or moreContinue Reading

Since 2014, the garden’s first season, I cannot recall a winter when the local temperature fell below 18. Even then, the cold was limited to nighttime. Typically, nighttime temps in December are, at worst, in the mid-30s with occasional lower temps for a few hours at best. The polar vortexContinue Reading

Gardening makes one pay attention to yearly cycles. Before I planted a yardful of flowers, rain was a random occurrence with pluses and minuses. It could be welcomed as a respite from the heat or dreaded as the bringer of humidity that makes it unbearable. It could be the reasonContinue Reading

Pincushion flowers found their way into the yard by way of a chance encounter at the Grower’s Outlet in Snellville, Georgia. Wandering through the maze of tables covered with plants, I spotted the lavender blooms and immediately knew they had to come home with me. The first group of fiveContinue Reading

Mid-April seems to be the best time to plant–earlier, and frost is still possible, much later, and there is a chance the rains will stop. It could easily be 95 or hotter by the first weekend in May, which would fry tender, young plants. Some plants are real troopers. AngeloniasContinue Reading

It has taken three years—THREE YEARS!  After waiting, not so patiently, for three years, I finally managed to get a shot of a goldfinch munching away on coneflowers seeds.   Goldfinches are tiny birds, maybe three inches from beak to tail.  They are also very skittish.  Sometimes they come inContinue Reading