Roy Hargrove was one of the “young lions,” jazz musicians who formed a vanguard of talented newcomers to the jazz scene in the 80s and 90s. Being partial to trumpets, I came across his music while browsing the bins at Tower Records. It’s hard to pin down his style, butContinue Reading

I don’t quite recall when I first experienced passionfruit. More than likely, it was at one of the two Brazilian restaurants we frequented in DC. “Brazil Tropical” was on the way to Georgetown, on Pennsylvania Ave (I think), while “Dona Flor” was on upper Wisconsin Avenue across from the movieContinue Reading

Ahh…it must be January!  The sitting room is bathed in the fragrance of lemon blossoms! Only a few have opened, but already, the downstairs has taken on the delicately sweet aroma. The tree has been with us since 2018, and in most years, it only had a few flowers, butContinue Reading

As I remember, Wednesdays were when we had our weekly music class in fourth grade. We had songbooks, and the class was conducted via radio. We would listen to a lady who would tell us about a song, and then we would sing along as she played. For some reason,Continue Reading

Simplicity is one of the aspects of Cezanne’s work that I most admire. His paintings have a quiet, contemplative demeanor in which vibrantly hued fruit casually rests amid linen waves. The groupings are often haphazard as if spilled or gently dumped on the table for inspection. Oddly, the linen foldsContinue Reading

Bill Evans made beautiful music. Among jazz greats, he is near the top. Jazz pianists can be lauded for technical skill, lyricism, and innovation. All the greats show evidence of each, but usually, one area stands out. For me, Bill Evans stands out for his lyricism and the subtle intimacyContinue Reading

Any sufficiently large wall space seems to be a magnet for those who wish to leave a memento of their presence.   Usually, it’s barely readable scrawls in the form of broad strokes of paint.  Symbols are common (few of which I recognize). Under this overpass,  the typical expressions areContinue Reading