I have this notion that one day I am going to create a real still life painting.   I’m not anywhere close to being able, but hope springs eternal, no?   It would be Van Gogh-ish, with deep blues and greens and a yellow-infused background.  Who knows if that willContinue Reading

We had a family membership to the High Museum of Art that I allowed to lapse during the lockdowns. The last time we went, in 2019, was to see a Romare Bearden exhibit. At the time, I was only a few months along on my photography journey, so it didContinue Reading

I’ve never visited Cuba. I’ve made it to Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, and the Bahamas and changed planes in the Virgin Islands. Cuba has been off-limits for so long that I’ve never considered going. A friend went a few years back, and this gifted bottle has sat undisturbed forContinue Reading

Of all my travel memories, the one that sticks with me most clearly is my first night in Paris. We arrived at 7 AM, and having been too excited to sleep on the flight, we were exhausted. After making it through customs, and me trying out my rudimentary French, weContinue Reading