Description:  Office front, Little Five Points, Atlanta Background: I have passed by this office many times on my way to Zesto’s, Atlanta’s answer to Dairy Queen. Each time, I smile. There is something about the list of practices that strikes me as incongruent. I cannot explain why. Maybe it’s the fact thatContinue Reading

Now that I have a few gear reports under my belt, I’ve become stymied on how to proceed with the Vintage Minolta Love Project. Initially, I laid out a roadmap in chronological order from the SR-2 to the 5D. Well, that is no longer working for me. I have usedContinue Reading

After a year of pandemic-induced isolation, I was longing to get out and shoot—especially since I had new cameras to try.  So, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, I decided to take my Minolta Freedom Zoom 160s out for a stroll.  Atlanta has a few interesting neighborhoods and more than aContinue Reading

The Vintage Minolta Love Project began as a stroll through Minolta’s SLR models, starting with the SR-2. No other camera types were given any serious consideration—TLRs were too expensive, point and shoots seemed like a waste of time, and I had an active dislike for rangefinders. Some may find this difficult toContinue Reading

It’s not as bad as it sounds, but it was, in turns, scary then hilarious. You see, all summer, I had been hearing local stories of copperheads. For those of you unfamiliar with scary snake stories, copperheads play a big role in southern versions, and Cottonmouths are their only realContinue Reading