Earth, Sun, Film is an exploration of gardening and photography. I started gardening out of necessity. Photography entered the picture because, using my iPhone 4s, I could not blur backgrounds nor capture the 2019 lunar eclipse as I wanted, so I bought a film camera. I have learned a lot, but have much more to learn. I claim no expertise in either domain. 


Earth, Sun, Film has five channels: 

Gardening Journey
Chronicles my gardening efforts—what succeeded and what didn’t, the decisions made and why

Amidst the Flowers
Musings on the wonders and joys of having a garden

Photography Journey
Chronicles my photography efforts — what I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, what I’m learning, the gear I’m using 

Through the Viewfinder 
Musings on photography and how it has changed the way I see the world around me 

Vintage-Minolta Love 
An affectionate exploration of Minolta history, SLRs, lenses, and accessories 


Earth, Sun, Film—around the garden, around the city, with camera