“Frame Works?” An Introduction

“Does this frame work?” is a question I ask myself when reviewing negatives. The question comes up because there have been so many times when what’s on the negative is not what I had in mind—not even close. Sometimes the discrepancy is due to a technical glitch such as motion blur or incorrect metering. At other times, it’s a less than ideal compositional choice. Of course, there are times when method and composition are fine, but the subject induces yawning. 

Over the last year, as my interest in photography has grown, so has my desire to create photographs with meaning, aesthetic value, and emotional import. For me, the essential property of my photography is beauty–a uniquely personal perception. I try to capture beauty so I can frame it and look at it. I tend toward minimalism, but I love color. Odd juxtapositions and contradictions are also appealing. I have no idea if my images will speak to others—broad appeal is not a concern. And since I’m not a professional and have no interest in that regard, I get to be my own harshest critic.  

“Frame works?” posts will consist of a single frame with a brief description along with some background (why I shot it, what I was aiming for), and whether it turned out the way I wanted. Starting out, I can say there have been many more that didn’t work than did and trying to understand why explains, in part, my growing library. I have a lot to learn, but I love the process, and I have had enough success to keep me eager and engaged.  

Take a peek, and see if any frames work for you.

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