There are now 81 posts on Earth, Sun, Film. This has been a year of growth and exploration. I wrote these posts to help me process my journey and how I and the world have changed.  As I began to make plans for the next few months, I went throughContinue Reading

I’ve gotten behind on many things, mainly due to a case of Covid in the family that put everything on hold for two weeks. Now that things are back to normal, it’s time to catch up.  At the top of the list is a business project that should have beenContinue Reading

I’ve written about zombie plants before, bee balm and German thyme being the main culprits. But now, I’ll have to add a new name to the list, lantana. Yes, the lantana whose label said it was an annual. Bee balm and thyme are perennials, so one could reasonably expect toContinue Reading

I have noticed a weird behavior on my part. When shooting film, I usually take the time to write down every shot in advance. I note the film that I’m going to use, the lenses, and many times the specific apertures. Subjects, angles, and how many shots to take ofContinue Reading