The idea for an image can arise from any experience or thought. This image exists because I had just received a new black SR-1, a camera I’d never heard of until seeing it for sale. The camera was in beautiful condition, and I bought it only because it was black.Continue Reading

This was my first roll of Lomography Potsdam Kino.  All winter, I’d been looking forward to shooting it.  Opening the development tank, I was upset to find the negatives festooned with these odd patterns.   I should have known better.  While loading the film on the developing reel, it stuck,Continue Reading

Posh folks use “winter” as a verb, as in “We wintered in Palm Springs.”  Although my unplanted sweet potato vines and geraniums do not count as posh items, I didn’t want to see them die, having never been properly seated in pots.  I bought them along with 30 or moreContinue Reading