Description:  Late-spring flowers in a vase, window and incandescent light  Background:  Since my eighth-grade French class, I have admired impressionist paintings. Alongside pictures of famous chateaux, many of which I’ve since visited, there were posters of works by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Degas. Of all those poster images, Monet’s water liliesContinue Reading

It has been cold here since early December, at least cold for Atlanta. As usual, it has rained regularly, leading to many chilly, damp days. Looking out over the garden, everything has died, even the creeping Jenny—something that hasn’t happened for the last three years. The air alternates, one dayContinue Reading

Welcome to my little studio space! It has come about haphazardly, with specific goals only becoming clear in the last few months. Drawing, painting, and still life photography sort of wandered into my life and made themselves at home. Planning had to wait until I had a firm idea ofContinue Reading

I have always given credit to impressionist painters for the juxtaposition of colors in my garden. Purple shades are next to yellow hues, and red crocosmia flutes are surrounded by greens. The bellflowers, the closest to being blue, are next to purples, and the only orange blooms have a yellowContinue Reading

Description: Overhead shot of a coneflower cluster taken immediately after a welcome summer rain Background: I knew my garden would have coneflowers before even considering any other plants. They have a certain relaxed elegance that handles summer sun with grace. Here in Atlanta, the first round of buds appears in late AprilContinue Reading

In February 2019, when my first camera arrived, the Maxxum 7000i, my only goal was to capture better images of my small flower garden. That was it. I never expected to show anyone else my pictures (except my wife, who now receives prints on demand). I certainly did not seeContinue Reading