Simplicity is one of the aspects of Cezanne’s work that I most admire. His paintings have a quiet, contemplative demeanor in which vibrantly hued fruit casually rests amid linen waves. The groupings are often haphazard as if spilled or gently dumped on the table for inspection. Oddly, the linen foldsContinue Reading

Bill Evans made beautiful music. Among jazz greats, he is near the top. Jazz pianists can be lauded for technical skill, lyricism, and innovation. All the greats show evidence of each, but usually, one area stands out. For me, Bill Evans stands out for his lyricism and the subtle intimacyContinue Reading

Description:  Seasonal window light framing a scene Background:  In late autumn and early spring, light comes through the dining room’s clerestory window. The shape of the window makes for a narrow, well-defined shadow that creeps across the room in the late afternoon. Minimalist images intrigue me, especially black and white onesContinue Reading