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Books and Guides for Minolta Cameras
Manual Cameras
Cooper JD, The Minolta Guide, 1959
Covers all Minolta cameras avail at the time of publications with a particular emphasis on the Minolta SR-2. It contains valuable historical and technical information along with general photography topics such as exposure, depth of field, etc. Worth having. 

Cooper JD, Official Minolta SR Manual, 1965
Covering all SR models, I have found it an excellent reference for technical information—one of the few publications to mention the SR-3.  

Cooper JD, Minolta System Handbook, 1976
This an encyclopedia, covering all SLR gear up until its 1976 publication date. . It has the best discussion of Minolta lenses I have ever seen anywhere. That alone makes it worth having if one is a collector. It also covers general photography topics. 

Reynolds C, The Minolta Way, 1979 
Reynolds covers models from SRs to some XGs. General photography topics are addressed with an emphasis on features of Minolta cameras. One of my best Minolta reference books. 

Shipman C, How to select and use Minolta SLR Cameras, 1980
Shipman includes a lot of technical information in his guides. They go far beyond being user manual accessories. Each covers the technical aspects of metering, exposures, filters, and related topics. This edition covers the XD-11, XD-5, XG-9, XG-7, XG-1. SR-T201, SR-T 200. These are great books, but may be overwhelming to beginners. 

Shipman C, How to select and use Minolta SLR Cameras, 1982
This edition covers: X-700, XG-M, XD-11, XD-5, XD-5, XG-9, XG-7, XG-1. 

Autofocus Cameras
Shipman C, How to select and use Minolta SLR Cameras, 1989
This book follows the same format as the manual camera guides, but for the Maxxum 3000i, 7000i, 5000, 7000, and 9000 and associated lenses and accessories. 

Hennings H, Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 7xi, 1991
For me, the 7xi was a hard camera to get to know. The manual did not really help. This book is much better and covers expansion cards and accessories much better than the camera’s user manual. 

Dinning D, Complete Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 700si, 1994
A good resource for 700si owners, it offers basic information about Minolta lenses and has the best reference section on Minolta Creative Expansion Cards that I have come across. Accessories are covered well. 

Burian PK, Maschke T, Minolta Maxxum 600si, 1995
I bought this book after reading the user manual. I should have read it first.  

Mayer RE, Minolta Classic Cameras, 1995
This is an odd book. It covers the SR-T 101, XD-11, Maxxum 7000, 9000, 7000i, and 8000i. Yet it manages to provide useful information despite the range of cameras covered. I bought it because I didn’t want to buy individual books for every Minolta I owned, and while lacking the depth of the others, it has been helpful. I’m glad I have it. 

Modern Photo Series (Book series published by Minolta)
Black & White Developing at Home, 1982
Simple, easy to read, but packed with useful information. I took a darkroom class and wish I had this before attending. 

How to Use Your 35mm Camera, 1982
Written for the absolute beginner, like other books in this series, it is easy to read. Basic concepts are covered and clearly explained. If you know nothing about film photography, start with this. 

What Your Lenses Can Do, 1982
I bought this because it came with the other two and was basically free. It is an excellent companion to the 35mm book and a great introduction to lenses and how to use them effectively. I wish these had been the first two photography books I bought. 

Minolta Magazines
An online archive of articles covering the Maxxum era  

Minolta Mirror Magazine 
An official publication of Minolta, it was produced from 1975 until 1993. Shown here is the 50th Anniversary Edition, which I bought because of the articles on Minolta history. 

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