Updated November 16, 2020

I have discovered a few gardening blogs that also emphasize photography. Here are my favorites.

Eliza Waters

Bramble Garden

Plant Lists
All My Favorite Flower Names
Alphabetical list of flowers with pictures that can be browsed by category

Top 25 Best Perennials for Your Garden
From Better Homes and Gardens and very good for creating a short list of plants to start experimenting.  BHG lists have plants that are easy to find and grow. Great for beginners.

17 Best Perennials for Shade
Another BHG list

Hadden EJ. Beautiful No-Mow Yards: 50 Amazing Lawn Alternatives, 2012.
Great book! It helped to get me started.

Primeau L. Front Yard Gardens: Growing More Than Grass, 2010.
If you want a front yard garden, this is a good book to read first.  

Ondra NJ. The Perennial Care Manual: A Plant by Plant Guide, 2009
A very helpful book, especially for those completely new to gardening.

Bender S. The Southern Living Garden Book, 2004
If you live in the south, buy this book! Buy it before buying any plants, implements, or anything else. Buy this book! Got it?