Description:  Seasonal window light framing a scene Background:  In late autumn and early spring, light comes through the dining room’s clerestory window. The shape of the window makes for a narrow, well-defined shadow that creeps across the room in the late afternoon. Minimalist images intrigue me, especially black and white onesContinue Reading

Description: Midtown skyline looking westward over Piedmont Park Background: Atlanta’s skyline is constantly growing and shifting. Ten years ago, only half as many buildings were present in Midtown. I marvel at how Atlanta has grown. At one time, Midtown’s growth consisted mainly of office towers. Now, living spaces are taking over theContinue Reading

Description: Mourning doves relaxing  Background: It seems that 2022 is the year for birds at our house. I started putting out bird seed in winter, and it quickly attracted regulars. By April, there were four nesting families—two sets of house finches at the apex of the eaves on the front and westContinue Reading

Description:  Church against a perfect blue winter sky Background:  Churches are everywhere, so much so that I rarely pay attention to them. This church is on a residential street but is set back about forty yards from the street. The intervening distance with a grassy, meadow-like lawn that dips down from streetContinue Reading

Description:  Light band across columns in afternoon light Background:  With plenty of windows on the western, southern, and eastern sides of the house, I witness changes in sunlight patterns over the year. For some reason, the specific set of windows through which the sunlight washes in conveys a mood and a feelingContinue Reading

Description:  Office front, Little Five Points, Atlanta Background: I have passed by this office many times on my way to Zesto’s, Atlanta’s answer to Dairy Queen. Each time, I smile. There is something about the list of practices that strikes me as incongruent. I cannot explain why. Maybe it’s the fact thatContinue Reading

Description: Bottle of añejo rum with accoutrements Background: I discovered añejo rum for mixing drinks only five years ago. For years, I only kept and used white rum, usually Bacardi. My introduction to rum happened many years ago. The first attempt was sophomore year in college, which didn’t turn outContinue Reading

Description:  Late-spring flowers in a vase, window and incandescent light  Background:  Since my eighth-grade French class, I have admired impressionist paintings. Alongside pictures of famous chateaux, many of which I’ve since visited, there were posters of works by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Degas. Of all those poster images, Monet’s water liliesContinue Reading