These images were taken on October 24 as the gardening season draws to a close. Frost usually occurs within the first few weeks of November, so bloom time is ending. I’ve done no deadheading, pruning, or watering this season; still, there are late-season blossoms. Black-eyed Susans are usually gone byContinue Reading

Any sufficiently large wall space seems to be a magnet for those who wish to leave a memento of their presence.   Usually, it’s barely readable scrawls in the form of broad strokes of paint.  Symbols are common (few of which I recognize). Under this overpass,  the typical expressions areContinue Reading

I’ve watched our gardenia slowly regain its deep green color after being brown for months. Since the first wisp of emerald, I have inspected it, hoping for blossoms. We’ve had less rain than usual, and I have not watered once this year, so I never expected the hoped-for flowers untilContinue Reading