How often should new plants be watered and how much each time? Both questions plagued me that first summer. The best advice I found said water new plants every day, then as often as you water the rest of your garden. Having never had a garden, I didn’t find thatContinue Reading

I started doing photography to get better pictures of my garden—the iPhone 4s was not cutting it. I never considered becoming a photographer; it simply wasn’t a consideration. Nor did I intend for photography to become a hobby. The cost and bother of getting film developed led me to takeContinue Reading

This is Haki. He was a gift that arrived one Christmas twenty-five years ago. Since then, he has lived everywhere I have. From time to time, I rub him down with ointment (he is covered in thick leather) to keep him shiny and soft. He is sturdy, weighing about 40Continue Reading

By June 3, the azaleas on the east side of the yard had been moved to allow for the hosta garden. The herb garden had been planted, and now it was time for the botanical section, so named because it was the intended home of the more exotic plants.  Belatedly,Continue Reading

Photography for Dummies was the first photography book I read. The chapter on composition was brief, providing an overview of basic techniques. There were a few images offered as examples, but, in all, the chapter was not very helpful.  The Rule of Thirds was the first rule I learned. ItContinue Reading

So It May Secretly Begin (listen) is a song track from my favorite Pat Metheny album, Still Life (Talking). I have listened to this album, especially this song, hundreds of times—driving, falling asleep, studying, romancing. I like its fluid elegance. It starts softly, tentatively, as if expressing contemplation or uncertainty. As itContinue Reading