Any sufficiently large wall space seems to be a magnet for those who wish to leave a memento of their presence.   Usually, it’s barely readable scrawls in the form of broad strokes of paint.  Symbols are common (few of which I recognize). Under this overpass,  the typical expressions areContinue Reading

I’ve always been fascinated by the Bank of America Plaza. It stands atop a rise between Midtown and Downtown Atlanta, so one approaching it from the east or west is going uphill. Standing in the valley on North Avenue that nestles the entrance to Old Fourth Ward Park and lookingContinue Reading

Testing out a newly acquired black SR-T 202, I went looking for subjects.    This light beam only occurs during a few weeks of July each summer.  I’ve photographed it before in B&W, so I decided to try color.   I worried, rightly, that the contrast would be problem.  However,Continue Reading

I have this notion that one day I am going to create a real still life painting.   I’m not anywhere close to being able, but hope springs eternal, no?   It would be Van Gogh-ish, with deep blues and greens and a yellow-infused background.  Who knows if that willContinue Reading

I’ve never visited Cuba. I’ve made it to Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, and the Bahamas and changed planes in the Virgin Islands. Cuba has been off-limits for so long that I’ve never considered going. A friend went a few years back, and this gifted bottle has sat undisturbed forContinue Reading