We had a family membership to the High Museum of Art that I allowed to lapse during the lockdowns. The last time we went, in 2019, was to see a Romare Bearden exhibit. At the time, I was only a few months along on my photography journey, so it didContinue Reading


My love of jazz is not matched by my knowledge of the musicians who made it. I know about Miles Davis because I read his biography. And I readily admit that what I know about most other musicians came from reading that biography. There are few whom I could recognizeContinue Reading

The idea for an image can arise from any experience or thought. This image exists because I had just received a new black SR-1, a camera I’d never heard of until seeing it for sale. The camera was in beautiful condition, and I bought it only because it was black.Continue Reading

Every January, I have had to get my Georgia license plates renewed.  It has been an annual ritual that ticks off a year of living.  An emission inspection is part of that process.  This year, my car failed.  That failure was not altogether unexpected, as my car is (was) aContinue Reading

Back in the days when Tower Records was the place to shop for music, I used to spend at least two afternoons each month browsing the jazz section for new releases. I had long since learned that jazz critics and I did not hear the same thing on recordings, so reading magazinesContinue Reading

When we moved to Atlanta in the early 90s, we lived one block north of the intersection of 14th and Peachtree Street. At the time, the area adjacent to that crossing was undergoing a revival, with new skyscrapers and Colony Square as the anchoring site. It was a small oasisContinue Reading

Regional differences in food and dialects fascinate me. I suppose some of that fascination grew out of my having spent time in very different regions of the country. My early childhood years were spent in rural southwest Virginia, tween and teen years in Ohio, a large chunk of my adultContinue Reading

After a year of pandemic-induced isolation, I was longing to get out and shoot—especially since I had new cameras to try.  So, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, I decided to take my Minolta Freedom Zoom 160s out for a stroll.  Atlanta has a few interesting neighborhoods and more than aContinue Reading

Not long ago, I signed up for cloud storage for my music collection. I started digitizing my collection years ago but had only managed to convert about 100 CDs. Now I have far more than 100, and I had stopped listening to many of them because doing so required diggingContinue Reading