Walking into the Fuqua Conservatory, one is met with a wall of humidity and the smell of moist earth. A few steps more, and one enters the Tropical Rotunda, where I spent most of my visit. Home to exotic tropical plants, the rotunda feels like another place, another time. OrchidsContinue Reading

Any sufficiently large wall space seems to be a magnet for those who wish to leave a memento of their presence.   Usually, it’s barely readable scrawls in the form of broad strokes of paint.  Symbols are common (few of which I recognize). Under this overpass,  the typical expressions areContinue Reading

Among the many sculptures along the BeltLine is this collection of silver oak leaves (only species found in Georgia). Most were impossible to shoot without getting apartment buildings or other structures in the background. The leaves are placed along a small hillside facing west. I was there in late morningContinue Reading

The Carter Center is in the middle of Atlanta. Freedom Park, which surrounds it, is a somewhat loose collection of green spaces scattered over a relatively wide area. Recently, I learned that some walking paths have art, specifically sculptures, like the Atlanta BeltLine. Eager to shoot my Maxxum 700si  andContinue Reading

I’ve always been fascinated by the Bank of America Plaza. It stands atop a rise between Midtown and Downtown Atlanta, so one approaching it from the east or west is going uphill. Standing in the valley on North Avenue that nestles the entrance to Old Fourth Ward Park and lookingContinue Reading

We had a family membership to the High Museum of Art that I allowed to lapse during the lockdowns. The last time we went, in 2019, was to see a Romare Bearden exhibit. At the time, I was only a few months along on my photography journey, so it didContinue Reading