Beware of people asking questions. By nature, I like to be helpful. Teaching is something I enjoy. For better or worse, it can also lead to unintended gear purchases. My most recent adventure began when someone in a Minolta camera group asked what a Minolta Super A set was worth.Continue Reading

Description: Mourning doves relaxing  Background: It seems that 2022 is the year for birds at our house. I started putting out bird seed in winter, and it quickly attracted regulars. By April, there were four nesting families—two sets of house finches at the apex of the eaves on the front and westContinue Reading

One ostrich fern–one.  When my hosta garden still seemed a little bare, I decided ferns would be a good addition. My wife, who loves ferns, thought it was a wonderful idea. I really should have read a book. Wandering through Grower’s Outlet, looking for Prairie Bella day lilies (they neverContinue Reading

When we moved to Atlanta in the early 90s, we lived one block north of the intersection of 14th and Peachtree Street. At the time, the area adjacent to that crossing was undergoing a revival, with new skyscrapers and Colony Square as the anchoring site. It was a small oasisContinue Reading