I would wager that anyone serious about 35mm photography wants to try medium format at some point.  A point-and-shoot plastic camera can do 35mm, but medium and large format—those are strictly big league.  Medium format is not cheap, nor is it easy to get into.  There are tons of booksContinue Reading

My journey in photography started a little more than three years ago. During that time, I have taken a darkroom class, read numerous blogs, sat for a family portrait, written a blog, participated in forums and discussion groups, read reviews, watched videos, and read multiple photography books. As someone whoContinue Reading

After buying my Pentax 645, the first lens I purchased was the 120mm f4 macro, which I intended for studio work. But soon, the desire to go outside took over. For over a year, I would pour over lens listings, develop a wishlist, consider the prices, then delete the wishlist.Continue Reading

Description: Midtown skyline looking westward over Piedmont Park Background: Atlanta’s skyline is constantly growing and shifting. Ten years ago, only half as many buildings were present in Midtown. I marvel at how Atlanta has grown. At one time, Midtown’s growth consisted mainly of office towers. Now, living spaces are taking over theContinue Reading