I like the Minolta Semi P—much more than expected. For the second round of testing, I loaded it with Lomography Potsdam Kino, took a few shots around the house, then went for a stroll. Unfortunately, a developing mishap led to odd floral-like patterns on the negatives. The few frames thatContinue Reading

This was my first roll of Lomography Potsdam Kino.  All winter, I’d been looking forward to shooting it.  Opening the development tank, I was upset to find the negatives festooned with these odd patterns.   I should have known better.  While loading the film on the developing reel, it stuck,Continue Reading

I would wager that anyone serious about 35mm photography wants to try medium format at some point.  A point-and-shoot plastic camera can do 35mm, but medium and large format—those are strictly big league.  Medium format is not cheap, nor is it easy to get into.  There are tons of booksContinue Reading