Still Life Daydream

Still Life Daydream, Yashica Mat 124, HP-5, Df96 Monobath, home scanned, Epson v600

I have this notion that one day I am going to create a real still life painting.   I’m not anywhere close to being able, but hope springs eternal, no?   It would be Van Gogh-ish, with deep blues and greens and a yellow-infused background.  Who knows if that will ever happen, but should that ever come about, this vase will likely be my subject. 


    1. Author

      Thanks! I use EpsonScan 2.0 and its histogram settings. Contrast and brightness were slightly adjusted in the Apple Photos on the Mac.

  1. A nice way to approach the medium is to make a print of that vase photo and add water colour on top of it.

    1. Author

      Thanks for that tip. So far, I’ve dabbled in acrylics. Learning to mix colors is a real challenge. Fortunately, my drawings skills are improving quickly.

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