Better Luck Next Time

You Lose!  (Maxxum 7, AF 28-105mm, Ultrafine Xtreme 400, Df96 Monobath, Epson Scan 600)

I’ve been to a few casinos,  but never any famous ones.  Once, when in Monte Carlo for a meeting, I passed by the casinos. On seeing the rows of Rolls Royces and top-line Jags and Benzes parked outside,  it became obvious I wasn’t dressed properly to enter. 

I’ve tried slots a few times for quarters, but they never appealed to me.  Roulette is my game–something I discovered in a little casino in Saint Martin.   (At thirty-five to one, I like the odds in roulette.)  Beginner’s luck allowed me to win 1200.00 at the roulette table. I lost 300 back, before quitting.  I won enough money to pay for much of the trip and haven’t played since—I believe in quitting while you’re ahead.  As for slot machines, I’ve never seen anyone win except on TV.  


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