Bloom Time!

The first flowers appear with the creeping phlox in March.   Next come the catmint, tickseed,  and coneflowers, sometime during April.  But true bloom season always begins the last two weeks of May.   If there’s a lot of rain it may move up a week or so.  

The most clock-like flowers are the Pink Flirt daylilies.   They keep a fairly strict schedule, usually blooming on Memorial Day weekend.  This year, they started on the Thursday before the holiday.  Once the daylilles start their show, the  black and blue salvia and bee balm blossoms arrive, and with them, the bees and hummingbirds.   

Usually, I shoot a lot of pictures as the gardens builds to full color. However, in 2022 and 2023, I shot very few.  Last year, I missed the daylilies completely.   This year, I finally got back to my old ways.  It’s bloom time!!!

Pink Flirt DayLily, Maxxum 7D, 135mm f2.8
Cone Flower, Canon s95

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