The Land of Coca-Cola

Coca Cola rules in the south.   It was invented in Atlanta in 1886 by John Pemberton. In the early 1900s, the Woodruff family obtained the rights, and the Woodruff family still holds quite a bit of clout locally.  I’ve grown up seeing ads for Coke, and this one is a classic.  Every time I pass it, I am a little surprised.   It is so well-maintained, with unfaded colors and no chips.   

I’m a not a cola guy. Yet, often I pause and admire this ad for a few moments, and only recently have I understood why it appeals to me.  It has soft, rounded curves with no hint of digital sharpness and precision.   Digital images, boosted by computational assists, reveal details that the naked eye often misses.   I noticed this phenomenon with my iPhone.  The pictures have too much unnecessary detail, which often takes away from the overall image.   

This painted ad has an organic look that is familiar to my eyes,  like a film image—that’s what appeals to me


  1. There is a fairly recent Coca Cola painting on the side of the restaurant and N Highland and Greenwood. You have to “look” to see the Coca Cola.

    1. Author

      I’m thinking of doing a collection of murals photos.

    1. Author

      I put the entire image up. I thought the main image could be opened, but then found it could not.

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