I like the Minolta Semi P—much more than expected. For the second round of testing, I loaded it with Lomography Potsdam Kino, took a few shots around the house, then went for a stroll. Unfortunately, a developing mishap led to odd floral-like patterns on the negatives. The few frames thatContinue Reading

The Minolta XK (XM/X-1) is a storied camera, a fine example of Minolta innovation introduced in 1972 with interchangeable finders and auto-exposure. It was Minolta’s first stab at a professional camera system, offering 8 seconds to 1/2000 shutter speeds, aperture priority shooting with auto exposure, and nine user-interchangeable focus screens.Continue Reading

As a Minolta fan, it is always heartwarming to read about the former days.  Whether those days include innovations and breakthroughs or missteps and dead-ends, the stories are compelling.  Unfortunately, many of these tidbits are found in old magazines and forums but rarely in some organized collection.  Most books aboutContinue Reading

Beware of people asking questions. By nature, I like to be helpful. Teaching is something I enjoy. For better or worse, it can also lead to unintended gear purchases. My most recent adventure began when someone in a Minolta camera group asked what a Minolta Super A set was worth.Continue Reading

One ostrich fern–one.  When my hosta garden still seemed a little bare, I decided ferns would be a good addition. My wife, who loves ferns, thought it was a wonderful idea. I really should have read a book. Wandering through Grower’s Outlet, looking for Prairie Bella day lilies (they neverContinue Reading