Minolta SR-1, Minolta MC 50mm f1.4 PG, Kentmere 400, DF96 Monobath

The idea for an image can arise from any experience or thought. This image exists because I had just received a new black SR-1, a camera I’d never heard of until seeing it for sale. The camera was in beautiful condition, and I bought it only because it was black. Having received it, I discovered it had a microprism focusing screen without a split-image aid—a type I avoid.

While trying to determine if I could successfully focus using a plain microprism screen, I searched for subjects. Having filled this bird bath and left it for squirrels to drink from, I thought the calm surface would be an excellent test subject. It was late afternoon, and the shadows required a larger aperture. So, I figured a large aperture and a flat reflective surface would be a good challenge.

I used a 50mm PG 1.4 lens, and this is the result. Please forgive my humble brag: Nailed it!

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