Purple Reign

Dig, if you will, these pictures of a few things purplish.
Yellows and magentas surround them—now can you, can you picture this?

Purple is the dominant color in my garden. There is actually an assortment of purples, and I have no idea what the correct names are. I’m still not quite sure what mauve is or the exact difference between lilac and lavender. What I do know is that when it comes to flowers, purple is the thing. Next up is yellow. Now that I’ve studied color theory, I know those two are complementary, which may explain why I like to place them together. Everywhere I have a purple tone, a yellow is nearby. This year, I added a few more shades of purple– ergo, purple reigns!

Lily of the Nile, Sony a100



  1. Your purple flowers seem to be very vibrant compared to the pale colors that show here in the far north country. Right now our roadways are lined by knapweed and/or Queen Ann’s lace, the former a pinkish purple and the latter a bright white. The knapweed flowers are set off by mint green foliage. It is an invasive, but attractive for all of that.

    1. Author

      Yes, they are vibrant. I have focused on buying plants that can survive the hot days, and maybe that accounts for some of the color richness.

      Recently, I read an article stating that out West cattle were being trained to eat knapweed. Apparently they are fairly nutritious. The flowers are pretty too.

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