Peach Peace

Four peace lilies happily abide with us. Now that each has settled in a fitting spot, all bloom regularly. The bloom pictured here is about six inches long by four inches wide. These plants add a sense of serenity to a room. The tallest plant has reached about four feet.  

This image is a practice shot to test focusing accuracy with +2 close-up filters on the Minolta Autocord. At the time (mid-June), light was streaming from the east window, illuminating the plant and reflecting off the peach-colored walls and white curtains. The reflected light brightened the room so much that I did not have to worry about the shutter speed. While I love this flower, the Lomography CN 400 film is the stand-out performer.  

I did not expect such rich color and so faithful a capture of the color of the walls. This brightly lit room houses an office that, due to the number of plants, has a mini-botanical garden vibe. I have only used Lomography 400 a few times and there is still a 35mm roll from 2020 in the freezer. Lomography 400 looks similar to Ultramax but is slightly warmer, which I’m learning is perfect for flowers or any vibrantly colored scene. Now that Lomography has cut prices so much for 120 format, I’ll load up in anticipation of the 2024 gardening season. 

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