Posh folks use “winter” as a verb, as in “We wintered in Palm Springs.”  Although my unplanted sweet potato vines and geraniums do not count as posh items, I didn’t want to see them die, having never been properly seated in pots.  I bought them along with 30 or more other plants last April.  Most I managed to get into the soil, but sadly, all of the Columbines died long before the first of the 30 were planted in June. 

They sit in the best spot I could find, an east-facing window that gets sun a few hours each morning, even in winter.  They haven’t grown much, if at all, still trapped in the same flimsy plastic containers from the hardware store.  The tin baking pan is not a posh locale, but the terra cottas pots, their summer homes, should make up for the winter accommodations.  Anyway, they’ve made it past winter and lived longer than any of their predecessors, which I allowed to die with the first frost.  Having kept me company and been more than patient, they will be the first I plant this spring.  

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