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There are now 81 posts on Earth, Sun, Film. This has been a year of growth and exploration. I wrote these posts to help me process my journey and how I and the world have changed.  As I began to make plans for the next few months, I went through the post listing and realized I had favorites. They are the ones that I feel best capture the insights I’ve gained, reflect my sense of being a part of what I observe, and attest to who I am at this point in life. 

Here, I share 12 of those posts with a few lines to explain why each is on this list. 

Gardening Journey
When I began, gardening was a complete mystery. Only naïveté gave me the boldness to believe I could dig up the front yard and plant a flower garden. Six years, later I’m not doing too bad. In fact, I actually have useful advice to offer. 

Garden Year I: The Finale with Epilogue
Looking Back Six Seasons: My Advice for Would-Be Gardeners

Amidst the Flowers
I’ve read that gardening is an effective form of therapy. Having seen the effect of tending plants and interacting with whoever and whatever shows up in my garden, I absolutely agree. There was a time when I kept a safe distance from bees, now I prune and plant away as they go about their business–respect, a little affection, but no fear. 

Pink Flirt , Daylily

“Good for Everybody”
Making Peace with Bees (and Wasps???)
Opossums, Squirrels, Owls and Hawks

Through the Viewfinder 
A viewfinder is a small window into the world that excludes all else for the time it’s being used. Such a narrow focus allows one to see beyond what is being observed. For me, the viewfinder has been a window into memory and a means of understanding how “now” came to be. 

Kodak UltraMax 400, Maxxum 5, March 2019

The People by the Side of the Road
Of Chili Dogs and Childhood Memories
A Paean to Rainy Days

Learning Photography 
I bought a camera to take pictures of flowers. I never expected to become a photographer, and until recently, was inclined to maintain that sentiment. However, my camera collection, studio, stack of unused film, and fascination with still-life photography say otherwise. 

A Passion for Still Life
The Pandemic, the Darkroom, and Me

Vintage Minolta Love
I have a fondness for Minolta that owes as much to an SR-T 101 having shared my college years as it does to engineering prowess.It seemed appropriate to write about my love of Minolta gear, so I included Minolta Love in Earth, Sun, Film. To my surprise, a major photography site read my SR-2 review and asked me to write something for them. Apparently, I do a pretty good camera review. Happy dance!

Vintage-Minolta Love: Here’s to the Dreamers
VMLP 3: The Minolta SR-2, the Start of Something Big

If you have read these posts, thanks! And please consider passing them along to others. If you have not read them, enjoy!  

I have much more planning and housekeeping to do, so this is my last post until January!   Let me know if you have a favorite.

Happy Holidays!!!

Earth, Sun, Film–around the garden, around the city, with camera


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