Minolta Semi P—Second Time, New Troubles 

I like the Minolta Semi P—much more than expected. For the second round of testing, I loaded it with Lomography Potsdam Kino, took a few shots around the house, then went for a stroll. Unfortunately, a developing mishap led to odd floral-like patterns on the negatives. The few frames that did turn out mostly okay, I like. While the Semi P produces sharp images with good contrast, focusing is hit-and-miss. The viewfinder is not original, and it lacks the framing marks of the correct one. After two test rolls, it’s time to decide where I am going with this camera.

I had hoped to hone my skills with this second roll, but the viewfinder issue is becoming more of a pain, especially with close-in shots. Semi P models in usable condition are rare in the US, and obtaining another working copy has been impossible. However, I did find a seller with a parts model that seemed suitable as a viewfinder donor. Last week, the camera arrived, and the viewfinder is in excellent condition. I hope to make the switch soon.

Once the viewfinder has been replaced, I will shoot a third test roll to determine if the new viewfinder is helpful. If so, I will do a fourth roll, which will be the basis for a VMLP user-experience report. Until then, here is Old Fourth Ward Park and few images on Potsdam Kino, showing the frames that were least affected by my ham-handed development efforts.

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