Hama Time!

Mark Hama is a legend in the Yashica TLR world. He actually worked at Yashica assembling TLRs for years. I became aware of Mr. Hama after buying my Yashica Mat 124. It seems that, going back years, every mention of having a Yashica repaired referenced him. His continued provision of Yashica repair services is great news for Yashica owners, of course. But recently, I discovered that he also repairs Minolta gear!

Here and there, I had heard rumors that he had repaired a Minolta but had no real evidence. The big deal for me is that Mr. Hama lives just across town and not far from KEH camera, which now has a browsing showroom. For those Minoltaphiles residing in the area, there are three reliable repair shops: KEH, Camera Services Company, and now the great Mark Hama!

When updating the repair services page, I try to communicate with repair shops by e-mail and sometimes by telephone. The attitude of shop owners varies from indifferent to enthusiastic. Some are engaging, and others seem to be annoyed at being called. I tried both contact modes with Mr. Hama and was fortunate to speak with him by phone. He was gracious and happy to discuss Minolta repairs. He took the time to discuss each of my cameras that needed a CLA or repair, including a new skin for my Autocord. The best news of all? He even repairs Minolta XKs, something very few shops will even attempt!

I own a few very special Minolta cameras, which I was blessed to get for ridiculous prices, such that I cannot afford to replace them. The idea of putting one of them into a box and shipping it off always brought a sense of dread—not anymore. There is a living camera repair legend right across town. It’s Hama time!


  1. Mark hama repaired my yashica mat 124-g about 3 years ago and his work and personality are phenomenal! I’ll only trust him with my cameras as long as I can!

    1. Author

      Yep! Mark Hama is the man!

  2. Mark Hama has CLA’d or repaired several cameras for me over the years including :Yashica LYNX 14’s,Yashica Electro 35 Professionals,Yashica Mat,
    a Kodak Retina lllc,Kodak Retina Auto and of particular note a rare Italian Ferrania Condor.Everything always comes back well packed and like new!All are working perfectly today!
    The experience with Mark has always been excellent!

    1. Author

      Yeah, I have spoken with him, and find him pleasant and helpful. Glad to hear of your excellent results!

  3. My Yashica-12 came to me after a Mark Hama overhaul. I have a Yashica Lynx 14e that I’d like to send to him someday for a CLA and a meter calibration.

    1. Author

      Yeah, my Yashica 124 is in good shape, but my Autocord needs tweaking, and a new skin. He seemed like a very nice guy. Fortunately, I have few cameras that require repairs, and those mostly have erratic meters. Knowing he’s local puts my mind at ease about my XK or Black XD-11 for a CLA.

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