Any sufficiently large wall space seems to be a magnet for those who wish to leave a memento of their presence.   Usually, it’s barely readable scrawls in the form of broad strokes of paint.  Symbols are common (few of which I recognize).

Under this overpass,  the typical expressions are evident.  The crossword puzzle character at the left of the image caught my eye.   The lines are rather exact for something I assume was done quickly.  It seems like a lot of work for a column under an overpass. 


  1. You’re right – that does look a lot of work for the location. But then there are (certainly in London) a lot of locations dedicated over to legitimate graffiti-ing. Hackney Wick, opposite the Crate Brewery, has a long wall that is graffitied regularly.

    So maybe it didn’t need to be done so hastily 🙂

    I like graffiti when it’s done properly and/or has a different undertone.

    1. Author

      Hmmm… interesting that London has dedicated locations. I rarely see graffiti that looks so thoughtfully executed. Here, murals seem to pop up more and more often.

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