Earth, Sun, Film: Looking Back Two Years

Lately, I have spent a lot of time thinking about why I started EarthSunFilm. Maybe it’s the rarely seen snow swirling past the window and the stillness that descends at the insistence of the cold that invite me to reflect on the last two years. The impetus for EarthSunFilm began a full year before I launched the blog. In the first post, “Welcome to Earth, Sun, Film!”, I credited an ugly lawn and a lunar eclipse as the reasons I started the blog. But now, having had two years of hindsight to clear my perception, I realize they were the reasons I planted flowers and bought cameras, but it was a drive through an abandoned cemetery that compelled me to write.

It was early March of 2019, and I was going to KEH camera to pick up a Maxxum 70. Instead of taking the freeway, I drove through the city and passed through an abandoned cemetery. For reasons I still don’t understand, that cemetery had a profound effect on me—so much so that I went back to photograph the scenes that lingered with me. Those visits led to an essay that I worked on for months as I tried to put into words what I had experienced. I finally completed the essay “The People by The Side of the Road” in December of 2019, and it became the first post I wrote, although it was not the first to be published.

Today, I thought it might be a good idea to share the most popular posts over the last two years, and so here they are, starting with the first I ever wrote.

Through the Viewfinder
The People By The Side of the Road
It is fitting and proper to acknowledge those now gone.

Du Jazz
Hard to believe, but there was a time when I thought no one could possibly like jazz.

Gardening Journey
Looking Back Six Seasons: My Advice for Would-Be Gardeners  
Yeah—buy some plants, put them in the ground, and be happy—not quite.

Garden Frame: Being and Becoming
Life occurs in stages.

Vintage Minolta Love Project
VMLP 13: The Minolta XD-11— A Love Story…
Caught off guard by a camera—who knew???

VMLP 2: Sony—The Revenge of Minolta, the Re-birth of the Cool
It’s not really gloating, is it???

Photography Journey
Lens Surprise: The Minolta MD Zoom 75-150mm f4
Well, well, well—what do we have here?!

Frame Works? Basket in Winter Light
It’s only doable a few weeks each year.

Amidst the Flowers
Seasons of the Garden
A view from the front porch

Making Peace with Bees (and Wasps???)
I still eat meat, though.

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