Carter Center Art Stroll

The Carter Center is in the middle of Atlanta. Freedom Park, which surrounds it, is a somewhat loose collection of green spaces scattered over a relatively wide area. Recently, I learned that some walking paths have art, specifically sculptures, like the Atlanta BeltLine. Eager to shoot my Maxxum 700si  and Maxxum 7000 and try out a roll of Washi X, my wife and I went for a stroll on a bright Sunday morning. The walking path we took goes down the east side of the Carter Center south toward Inman Park.

One interesting aspect of this collection of sculpture images is the trouble I had trying to decide whether to shoot in B&W or color. Since many sculptures were monochrome, I thought black and white would be best. But then, since some were in the shade, black and white film might make them fade into the background. (Color images: Maxxum 7000, Washi X, CineStill Color Kit;  B&W images: Maxxum 700si, Kentmere 400, Df96 Monobath).

After seeing the images, I still cannot decide on the best film type. I like how the Washi color captured the red sculpture. The initial silver “fortune cookie” sculpture seems okay in B&W, although I wish it did not have the sky so close to the sculpture’s top. I have no opinion on the others, aside from perhaps that color would have made them stand out more from the background.

Sometimes I look back over images and fret over how I could have made them better—different angles, finer-grained film, softer light. But in this case, I accept these for what they are—pleasant reminders of a beautiful day—nothing more, nothing less.

I like the fortune cookie and the red sculpture, but I have no desire to get better images of either as I didn’t find any of the sculptures compelling. Ultimately, the walk was successful because I got to enjoy a beautiful spring morning in the pleasant company of my wife. And that is good enough.


  1. I think art or sculpture in settings that have complicated backgrounds are nearly impossible to do justice to. There may be a good time of day and/or season when each would really stand out, but we really don’t have time to find out what that might be. As you said- just enjoy the walk.

    1. Author

      Yeah, other than documenting they exist, it would take a lot more time to get a really good image.

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