Bubblicious or Development Woe???

This was my first roll of Lomography Potsdam Kino.  All winter, I’d been looking forward to shooting it.  Opening the development tank, I was upset to find the negatives festooned with these odd patterns.  

I should have known better.  While loading the film on the developing reel, it stuck, and I pulled and pushed and jiggled it instead of separating the reel and starting over.  Now irritated by the extra effort, I convinced myself everything was fine and pushed on.  My best guess (and the consensus of a few others) is that bubbles trapped between the negative’s folds created the fractal/floral pattern. 

To my surprise, many who saw the images liked the patterns, even wondering how to replicate what I considered a major disappointment.  So, you decide: bubblicious or development woe???  Found art???

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