A Week of Flowers–Day Six

The Words with Herbs blog suggested readers create “A Week of Flowers” posts where they shows off their summer flowers, so I decided to jump in.   It has been a wonderful growing season here in Atlanta, but next week will be the first frost, and most of my perennials will disappear.   Since I am late to the party, I’m posting six images.

Here’s to the memories!

Pink Flirt , Daylily
Coneflowers in the rain.
“Twist of Lime” Hosta
Raspberry Bee Balm

For more musings about nature and gardening, see Amidst the Flowers posts. 


    1. Thanks! Saw your lovely dahlias. Unfortunately, they didn’t work for me.

  1. A fine set of photos, Jerome. Your flowers have brightened my day!

    1. Thanks! Considering how beautiful your images are, I take that as a high compliment!

  2. The Hosta picture is my favorite..I am from Atlanta and never could grow Beebalm, it is lovely…

    1. Thanks! The Hostas are always beautiful and tend to re-bloom. My Beebalm is indestructible. I thought I ripped most of it out to plant additional coneflower s. Now, I have plenty of both!

  3. It is wonderful that you have also joined in today, and with such gorgeous photos! The coneflowers image is magical. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! When I decided to tear up the lawn and plant flowers, coneflowers were the first thing I planted.

    1. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

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