2020-2022: The Most Popular Posts from Each Category

Who knows why some posts are wildly popular while others are not? I certainly can’t predict. I’ve tried to look for commonalities, but nothing jumps out. For those just finding my blog, here are the posts that have drawn the most views from Gardening Journey, Photography Journey, Amidst the Flowers, Minolta Love, Vintage Minolta Love, and Through the Viewfinder. Perhaps you will enjoy them too.

Gardening Journey
Looking Back Six Seasons: My Advice for Would-be Gardeners–Having a garden can lead to moments of exhilarating wonder and crushing heartbreaks, joyful surprises and painful shocks. You have been warned.

Photography Journey
Developing Color at Home with the CineStill 2-Bath Cs41 Kit–The pandemic forced me to develop color at home or give up color film. I bought the CineStill 2-Bath Color Kit and never looked back. It’s easy—try it.

Vintage Minolta Love Project
VMLP 13: The Minolta XD11—A Love Story…–Nothing wrong with falling in love…

Through the Viewfinder
The People by the Side of the Road–Remembrance is essential.

Amidst the Flowers
“Good for Everybody”–I was surprised at how my neighbors reacted to me digging up my front yard to plant flowers. 

Minolta Love
Buying Your First Minolta Autofocus Film Camera and Lenses: Advice for Newbies–Everyone starts somewhere, right?

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